Do You Use Directory Submission Services?

Although this does not go for all but a large number of directory submission services submit poor quality listings, In this day and age directory owners generally will only accept well written submissions that are listed in correct categories that have filled in the required fields and abide to submission guidelines.

We see a large percentage of poorly written submissions, Placed in the wrong categories, Fields not filled in and so on, Sometimes as a business or website owner, You are just better of doing the leg work yourself, Making a note of all the places your have submitted your site too unless you are 100% sure the submission service is of high quality and you are getting the service you have paid for.

Do You Put All Your Eggs In One Place?

When new businesses start up the first place generally is too get listed within search engines, From here there is social media, Word of mouth and so on, Its all about building your client list and keeping them happy!

But what if you want more? To move forward, Do you use PPC, Other advertising on and offline, What has worked for your business and or website.

Are Directories Important?

With recent updates from search engines over the last few years, The directory industry has been hit hard, Paying for links does now seem to be a thing of the past, Submissions have declined but do directories still have any value today?

I think if your are placing links to help with seo, Then no, Those days have gone, If your placing links within a directory / category that relates to your business or website more so if the directory is of high quality, Well maintained, Has good traffic and is active then yes.

It should be more about the directory and how it can benefit your business or website and not just about getting another link.